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The  Michigan Arab Times Alhadath Newspaper first appeared in November 2001 and rapidly became Michigan's leading Arabic-language biweekly. Featuring medical, educational, cultural, and hard-hitting news and business reporting, as well as commentary and insightful looks at issues and personalities, the Michigan Arab Times Alhadath Newspaper has built up a loyal readership across Michigan, Florida, and parts of Canada. At Michigan Arab Times Alhadath Newspaper, we've maintained our reputation for high-quality and independent reporting.

Visual impact has always been one of the great concerns of the Michigan Arab Times       Alhadath Newspaper contributing to its popularity with readers and its success as an advertising medium for the Arab businesses and community in the United States and Canada. 

The Michigan Arab Times Alhadath Newspaper is the No.1 Arabic language biweekly newspaper published in Dearborn, Michigan. The newspaper a dream comes true for its owner and Editor in Chief Bassam Mourad. Our team consists of hand-picked specialists who speak Arabic, English and Spanish.


Our Editor in Chief, Bassam Mourad was rewarded many times for his integrity in the media business. He was appointed as a Peace Ambassador by the “International Interface Federation for World Peace.” He also received the “Award for Excellent Job” from the U.S. Congress in 2003, for the great services he offers to the Arab Community in the United States. Bassam Mourad’s family has received the “Award of Best Family in Michigan” for the year 2003.


Bassam Mourad participates in a wide array of activities that include attending International Peace Conferences that take place all over the world, and the last conference he attended was in Asan city in South Korea in the year 2003.


Our newspaper is distributed for FREE to all local Arab Organizations, Businesses, Mosques and Churches, with a circulation of more than 17,000 copies reaches out to all parts of Michigan. Additionally it covers  parts of Canada, (Windsor) and   Ohio, Kentucky.


With a multinational readership,Michigan Arab Times  Alhadath Newspaper is regarded as a valuable service and source of information to the Arab community. We offer advertisers the opportunity to promote their products and services over an extended time period, in a uniquely relevant editorial context catering to their own precise target audience.


The Michigan Arab Times Alhadath Newspaper gives its readers a wide range of information. It discusses a range of topics that are of interest to men, women and children. The topics we cover are a fine balance between topics and themes of local interest and international relevance. We attend all the activities hosted and organized by the congressmen of Michigan, and all the activities of the Arab-American organizations and key people in the United States. Our newspaper has craved its own niche brand equity and is one of the highest-hit Arabic newspapers in the United States.


The Michigan Arab Times Alhadath Newspaper offers its readers the opportunity of interactive and ongoing dialogue to share their opinions, ideas and perceptions with our editors. Please send us your comments to the newspaper's address. Your opinions matter to us, and your privacy is guaranteed


بسام مراد مع سيادة البطرك ما ر نصرالله صفير

بسام مراد مع  القس مايكل جانكنسن في قاعة الكونغرس الامريكي

 اثناء تسلم رئيس التحرير بسام مراد جائزة تقديرية

امام مكتب نائب ولاية ميشغن في واشنطن

مع وزير الطاقة الامريكي السيد سبنسر ابراهم

مع الصحفي سام دونالدسون


مع عضو مجلس النواب الامريكي داني ديفس

مع مرشح الرئاسة الامريكية السيد كيبهارت

مع السيد جورج هارت نائب ديربورن السابق و نائبة ديربورن ايرما كلارك

مع الدكتور كواك الامين العام المساعد لحركة السلام الدولية و الدكتور القس مايكل جاينكينس

في كوريا الجنوبية في جامعة كوريا الوطنية

في الخلف صورة السيد سانغ يونغ مون مؤسس حركة المونية في العالم و الصورة في جامعة مون كوريا

مع مجموعة من قساوسة امريكا في كوريا الجنوبية اثناء اجتماع للسلام العالمي

مع السكرتير العام لحركة السلام الدولية  انطونيو بنتانكورت

مع عضوة مجلس النواب الامريكي السيدة كارولين كيلباتريك

مع عضوة مجلس نواب ولاية اطلنطا السيدة

مع رئيس الواشنطن تايم السيد دوكلاس جوي

مع السيد مايكل مارشال  رئيس جمعية اتحاد الصحافة الدولية  (الوسط


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